CSIR Acceptable Use Policy


  • Unauthorised duplication of licensed software constitutes non-compliance with this policy.
  • No outside equipment may be introduced into the CSIR's ICT network without the prior approval of the CIO.
  • ICT Services' support for privately owned computers or privately licensed software occurs upon prior approval of the CIO who certifies that such support is required for CSIR official purposes and does not infringe upon any third party's rights.
  • CSIR supports the use of mobile devices and other technologies that supports collaboration and mobility of employees whilst conducting their work and will endeavour to provide necessary infrastructure, resources and service support as may be required. For mobile device that needs CSIR supports the employee should reach prior agreement with the CIO to provide such support. The CIO shall ensure that such devices do not compromise the security, reliability and/or integrity of the organisation.s ICT infrastructure, processes and applications.
  • Any monitoring and/or interception of communications done in terms of RICA will follow a process as defined in the Investigations And Surveillance Procedure (.IAS.) and will be done within strict ethical standards. Any abuse of this policy and/or IAS procedure will be dealt with in line with CSIR's disciplinary procedure.
  • Considering the nature of CSIR's research and business environment and the need to provide technological leadership in line with CSIR's mandate, the ICT Governance Committee will monitor effectiveness of ICT facilities in delivering value to the organisation and will make necessary recommendation to CSIR EXCO on any interventions that may be required in line with objectives of this policy.
  • The CSIR Governance Framework, ICT standards and other related ICT procedures shall be in line with objects of this policy.


What the Policy intends

  • CSIR ICT infrastructure and business application systems are intended for use in conducting CSIR business and in delivering improved operational efficiency, research productivity and reliability in support of CSIR's strategic objectives and mandate.
  • The ownership of all software developed by the CSIR by default vests with the CSIR in line with CSIR Intellectual Property Policy and Conditions of Service, unless otherwise agreed to in the relevant agreement governing such software development.
  • The acquisition of all licensed software and/or hardware occurs in compliance with the Procurement Policy and use thereof occurs strictly in compliance with the applicable terms and conditions of the relevant license or other agreement, in respect of which each user assumes personal responsibility to familiarise him-/herself with such terms and conditions and to ensure full compliance therewith. Use of unlicensed software constitutes non-compliance with this policy.

The CSIR Policies may be found on the Intraweb.csir.co.za.